Truwear + Wasatch Threads a Quality Combo

Truwear + Wasatch Threads a Quality Combo

Truwear and Wasatch Threads have decided to combine forces to bring high quality customized apparel to Utah County and surrounding local businesses, teams, and schools.

Tired of the mass produced low quality branded apparel produced by other companies, Truwear and Wasatch Threads teamed up to create long lasting personalized clothing that businesses and organizations can count on to advertise their brand and build unity in their teams. No more wear and throw jerseys or cheap knockoffs. Truwear is known for producing luxury active wear and items at a price people can afford and Wasatch Threads adds the ability to fully customize any product to meet a company's branded desires.

Add your logo or company name to any product offered in their extensive catalog or ask an account manager to help design a specialty item specific to your company or team. The possibilities are endless. And now you'll have products your members will actually WANT to wear outside of business functions and casual Fridays. 

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