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Truwear: The Phenom Professional Dress Shirt

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Truwear, the game-changing men's performance workwear brand, launched its line of high-end yet affordable dress shirts on Friday. The men's clothing company aims to bridge the divide between comfortable performance loungewear and luxurious high-quality business attire by offering deluxe handcrafted products at affordable prices.

Founded by men who wanted workwear that could be highly versatile in function, able to transcend any activity the day may demand, yet opulent and indulgent in quality, texture, and fit, Truwear designed their Phenom Classic and Phenom Professional lines of long-sleeved and short sleeved dress shirts.  Able to accommodate to the necessities of any given day, men will be able to bike to work and walk into the boardroom without ever having to change their shirt.

Made from a unique blend of adaptable fibers the Phenom Classic and Phenom Professional lines offer a 360 degree stretch allowing comfortable maneuverability. Combined with breathable wrinkle resistant and moisture wicking technology these shirts allow the wearer to perform a variety of tasks in all manner of environments.  Like all of the items offered by Truwear they are easily cared for and do not require ironing or dry cleaning, saving both time and money for the average consumer.

"Truwear's Phenom Classic and Phenom Professional shirts are able to satisfy all of the demands men bear on a daily basis. We wear what we design, and we don't settle for mediocrity," says Joe Hawes, CEO and Co-founder of Truwear. "Giving men an affordable option in luxury performance workwear is our main goal. "

After months of testing and perfecting fit and function Truwear's dress shirt lines offer unparalleled quality and design not found anywhere else in this price point.

"The proof is in the product. We've researched, tested, designed, and then re-tested our products to ensure the consumer's complete satisfaction," Tim Nixon, Co-Founder & CPO of Truwear explains. "Life is stressful enough without having to worry about whether you still look good after a long 12-hour day; you'll remain confident in our Phenom series dress shirts."

You can purchase the Phenom Professional Dress Shirt at

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