Prodigy Dress Pants

Bearded man stepping and twisting while wearing mens business clothes

Truwear, the premier performance workwear company, offers an amazing new line of activewear dress pants. The Prodigy Performance Commuter Dress Pants provide a chic modern interpretation of a timeless classic. Designed for the multi-tasking businessman and always present family-man these pants offer a multifunctional wardrobe option for the busy executive at an affordable price. 

With the modern man in mind, these pants were designed to be multi-purpose and high performing yet opulent and indulgent in quality, texture, and fit. Truwear designed their Prodigy Performance Dress Pants to accommodate the necessities of any given day. 

Constructed with a unique blend of adaptable fibers the Prodigy Dress Pants offer liquid, odor, and wrinkle resistant capabilities and feature TRU-fit materials which ensure full 360 degree stretch maneuverability. These pants allow easy movement with a comfortable and fashionable fit. “Every minute detail has been thoughtfully considered and designed to give our consumers the best performance businesswear pant option on the market,” Joseph Hawes CEO of Truwear announced. “The fit, function, movability, and fiber retention have all be tested, researched, and examined with the high performing modern man in mind.” 

All of Truwear’s pant lines are machine washable and stain resistant allowing for easy care and maintenance. Bridge the divide between comfortable performance loungewear and luxurious high-quality business attire in the Prodigy Performance Commuter Dress Pant.  

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