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“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”
—Miuccia Prada

Truwear was founded by men who wanted more out of their clothing; men who were tired of the limits classic businesswear shackles you to; they foresaw a premium luxurious alternative to the outdated and restrictive wardrobe staples men routinely wear, not only for their careers, but for formal functions, family gatherings, and date-nights.  Men should have clothing options that are adaptable to their lifestyles. A shirt that can follow you through the morning ride, the afternoon power lunch, and the evening chaos of family dinner would streamline your time and make your entire day more efficient. No more "what should I wear" hassle. How nice would that be? Commuter pants that are as comfortable as those high school sweatpants you keep around, and dress button-ups that you can breathe and sweat in, but still look calm, cool and professional.  

 Truwear did the work; they put in the time, researched, sourced, designed, and created every man’s ideal workwear line. And then they asked themselves, what else can we do. 

You see Truwear didn’t just want to arm men for the frontline battles of the workday, they wanted to help those who are struggling behind the scenes. Those too ensnared with self-doubt or harnessed by debilitating dependencies to climb their way out of those ever-widening trenches. A new shirt or a pair of pants might not seem like a lot, or much of anything to a lot of people, but to some, it can make all the difference. When you’re dressed well, you perform well. You begin to live up to the standard you’re surrounded by. Small advances soon become great accomplishments. So Truwear became apparel with a purpose. Give a man a suit of armor he can wear in any pursuit, professional or athletic, leisure or performance, and he’ll stand a little taller and be more optimistic about the outcome A little confidence can spark a world of change. Provide and promote, a two fold mission to assist the busy consumer and bridge the divide between ignorance and awareness. 


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