Mormon Missionary Best Dress Shirt Stain and Liquid Resistant Truwear


Durable | Stain Resistant| 360Β° Stretch


Best investment I could have made for my son. These clothes LAST. The dress shirt is my favorite. My son spills on himself all the time, but the shirt still stays white!!

Susan | Son Serving in New York
Dress Shirts

Each dress shirt undergoes the highest level of quality control check to ensure its durability for even the toughest work environments.

On top of durability, the shirt is intricately and precisely put together by our elite designers, so you don't have to worry.

With an added DWR coating, the liquid/stain resistance will last up to 45 washes.

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Taysom Hill Approved

"I wish I would have had dress clothes that moved this well on my mission to Australia. Game changer for sure."

1) Unbelievable Stretch

2) Buttery Soft

3) Kid Tested, Dad Apprroved

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Prodigy Pant

Longest lasting pant on the market, also coated with DWR for stain/liquid resistance.

- Breathable

- Wrinkle & Odor resistant

- Modern Fit

- Waist Grip for a sure tucked shirt

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The short sleeve dress shirt breathes so well. I bought 10 shirts and 5 pants and they have held up very well in the hot humid areas I've served.

Greg | Serving in Brazil
Immortal Ties

- Most Durable Tie Around

- Liquid/Stain Resistant

- 1 size fits all

- Monthly Tie Releases

Use Code Mission 50 @ Checkout

Use Code Mission 50 @ Checkout

Mobility Without Restriction

Comfortable | Breathable | Modern