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Show your Dad how much you care by giving him the gift of comfort and style. 

Father's Day is right around the corner so Truwear is upping their game with an exclusive SWAG YOUR DAD SALE! 

 We're highlighting our new and improved Polos. Introducing the Crest Performance Lifestyle Polo 2.0 and the Pinnacle Lifestyle Polo 2.0. Truwear designed their shirts to be highly versatile in function, and able to transcend any activity the day may demand, while remaining opulent and indulgent in quality, texture, and fit. The Crest and Pinnacle Polos are able to accommodate the necessities of any given day, and allow men to bike to work and then walk straight into the boardroom without ever having to change their shirt.

Truwear Polos Feature:

    • Tru-FIT moisture wicking
    • 360 degree fit
    • Shape retaining fibers
    • Temperature control fabric technology
    • Vented Shoulders
    • Vented Armpit
    • Modernized Collar

 All of Truwear's products have been handcrafted, sourced, and produced with a quality and precision unmatched in the industry today. Because of a 20 year relationship with production managers and clothing manufacturers, Truwear has been able to mitigate and avoid many of the struggles other companies, and therefore their customers, fall victim to. Through this firm relationship, they have secured only the highest quality materials with the highest amount of touch points and quality assurances. Every individual stitch, every cut, and aspect of the creation process has been done with meticulous care. Over a year of research and development went into creating each individual product ensuring the customer proper fit and the best and highest quality fabric blends.

Truwear's clothing is technologically advanced in its design and makeup culminating in a product that is water resistant, stain resistant, odor resistant, machine washable and that has an optimal 360 degree TRU-fit stretch.  All of this, in combination with an affordable price tag, means Truwear aims to be the premier option in performance workwear.

This brand was created by Dads for Dads, giving men the opportunity to go straight from the boardroom to the playroom. Truwear's products last and can handle anything from an important office presentation to a playroom dogpile. Swag your Dad with the shirt that bridges the divide between comfort and class.

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